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    T906 is a utility duct tape that thanks to its balanced adhesive structure performs well during general repairs. It has excellent adhesion and it suitable for waterproofing applications… In addition to standard repairing application can be used as sealant in different contests like home, industrial and agriculture.

    Technical Data

     MetricImperial UnitsTest Method
    *Typical Value
    Total weight*154 g/m2154 g/m2ISO 536
    Total thickness*165 µm6.5 milsAFERA 5006/PSTC 133
    MD tensile strength*37 N/cm21.1 Lbs/inAFERA 5004/PSTC 131
    MD elongation at break*20 %20 %AFERA 5004/PSTC 131
    Adhesion to steel plate*9.5 N/cm86.6 oz/nAFERA 5001/PSTC 101
    Backing material

    PE Laminated synthetic cloth

    Type of adhesive

    Synthetic Rubber Resin – solvent free

    Available colour


    • Easy tear
    • Good holding power
    • High tensile strength
    • Excellent conformability
    • Suitable for multiple surfaces
    • Perfectly waterproof
    • Good abrasion resistanc

    Main applications

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