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    Trustin Tape is a new “cutting edge” solvent based masking tape factory opened in 2018, located in Dahej – Gujarat region – in India that is a joint venture between PPM Industries and Miarco, respectively a leading international adhesive tape manufacturer and converter.
    Trustin Tape is a vertically integrated player from raw materials to converting specialised in manufacturing adhesive tapes for Building & Construction, Painting & Renovation and Automotive Aftermarket.
    Thanks to this new manufacturing plant our Group is able to expand its presence in the Indian domestic market and in the Asia Pacific region being a reliable partner for B2B customers.


    Trustin Tape manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of masking tape solutions for a broad range of applications and markets. Thanks to its parent company is able to offer additional products with hot melt and acrylic based technologies like Duct Tape, Double Sided, Filament, Strapping, Washi and other masking tape specialties. Thanks to an advanced converting department Trustin Tape provides a wide offer of packaging customisations acting as a strategic partner for International Brands, Distributors and Converters worldwide.


    Trustin Tape is led by a team of entrepreneurs and managers that are in the tape business since the last 40 years. A unique product and market knowledge, long lasting customer relationships, passion and curiosity for new products and applications are the main pillars of a solid heritage that characterises our core values and our attention and respect for our customers.

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